Washington and his Comrades in Arms Title

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Washington and his Comrades in Arms Title
George MacKinnon Wrong, FRSC (June 25, 1860 – 29 June 1948) was a Canadian clergyman and historian.

Born at Grovesend in Elgin County, Canada West (now Ontario), he was ordained in the Anglican priesthood in 1883 after attending Wycliffe College. In 1894, as successor to Sir Daniel Wilson,[1] he was appointed professor and head of the Department of History at the University of Toronto. He retired in 1927.

Wrong was a long-time friend of Vincent Massey. He "assumed his ecclesiastical robes" in 1915 to assist in Massey's marriage to Alice Parkin. Wrong owned a property near Canton, Ontario. Massey bought the adjacent property in 1918 and converted it into his principal residence, Batterwood House, in 1927.[2]

In 1886, Wrong married Sophia Hume Blake, the daughter of Edward Blake, Premier of Ontario (1871 to 1872) and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (1880 to 1887). They had five children

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