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George Eliot; A Critical Study Of Her Life, Writings & Philosophy

User: disha
George Eliot; A Critical Study Of Her Life, Writings & Philosophy
The Poet And The Novelist Write Largely Out Of Personal Experience, And
Must Give Expression To The Effects Of Their Own History. What They Have
Seen And Felt, Gives Shape And Tone To What They Write; That Which Is
Nearest Their Own Hearts Is Poured Forth In Their Books. To Ignore These
Influences Is To Overlook A Better Part Of What They Write, And Is Often To
Lose The Explanation Of Many Features Of Their Work. Shakspere Is One Of
Those Who Are Of No Time Or Place, Whose Words Gain No Added Meaning In
View Of What He Was And How He Lived; But It Is Not So With A Great Number
Of The Best And Most Inspiring Writers. The Era In Which They Lived, The
Intellectual Surroundings Afforded Them By Their Country And Generation,
The Subtle Phases Of Sentiment And Aspiration Of Their Immediate Time And
Place, Are All Essential To A True Appreciation Of Their Books.

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