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George Eliot; A Critical Study Of Her Life, Writings & Philosophy

User: disha
George Eliot; A Critical Study Of Her Life, Writings & Philosophy
As A Great Literary Creator, George Eliot Holds A Singular Position In
Reference To Religious Beliefs. To Most Literary Artists Religion Is A
Vital Part Of Life, Which Enters As A Profound Element Into Their Teachings
Or Into Their Interpretations Of Character And Incident. Religion Deeply
Affects The Writings Of Tennyson, Browning And Ruskin; Its Problems, Its
Hopes, Its Elements Of Mystery And Infinity Touch All Their Pages. In An
Equal Degree, Though With A Further Departure From Accredited Beliefs, And
With A Greater Effect From Philosophical Or Humanitarian Influences, Has It
Wrought Itself Into The Genius Of Goethe, Carlyle And Hugo. Even The Pages
Of Voltaire, Shelley And Heine Have Been Touched By Its Magic Influence;
Their Words Glow With Its Great Interests, And Bloom Into Beauty Through
Its Inspiration. None Of These Is More Affected By Religion Than George
Eliot Has Been; Nor Does It Form A Greater Element In Their Writings Than
In Hers.

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