The Koran (Without Footnotes) Fiscle (Part-I) PART2

The Koran (Without Footnotes) Fiscle (Part-I) PART2 Von:
User: paul
The Koran (Without Footnotes) Fiscle (Part-I) PART2
There Is Surely No Need To-Day To Insist On The Importance Of a Close Study
Of The Koran For All Who Would Comprehend The Many Vital Problems Connected
With The Islamic World; And Yet Few Of us, I Imagine, Among The Many Who
Possess Translations Of this Book Have Been At Pains To Read It Through.
It Must, However, Be Borne In mind That The Koran Plays A Far Greater Role
Among The Muhammadans Than Does The Bible In christianity In that It Provides
Not Only The Canon Of their Faith, But Also The Textbook Of their Ritual And The
Principles Of their Civil Law

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