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A History Of English Literature (Fiscle Part 13) Elizabethan Literature

User: silviya
A History Of   English Literature (Fiscle Part 13) Elizabethan Literature

In A Work Like The Present, Forming Part Of A Larger Whole And Preceded By
Another Part, The Writer Has The Advantage Of Being Almost Wholly Free From
A Difficulty Which Often Presses On Historians Of A Limited And Definite
Period, Whether Of Literary Or Of Any Other History. That Difficulty Lies
In The Discussion And Decision Of The Question Of Origins--In The Allotment
Of Sufficient, And Not More Than Sufficient, Space To A Preliminary
Recapitulation Of The Causes And Circumstances Of The Actual Events To Be
Related. Here There Is No Need For Any But The Very Briefest References Of
The Kind To Connect The Present Volume With Its Forerunner, Or Rather To
Indicate The Connection Of The Two.

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