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Take a walk through the museum, the exhibits are well-maintained, and surprisingly life-like. Fair might not exactly like what you're going to see.

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Beverly Hills, CA

I agree with this piece that it would be preferable if more high-ranking
congressional GOP-ers would criticize the president. As Edmund Burke said,
""The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing."" Well, we certainly have a preponderance of people in positions of
power helping Trumpian evil triumph by doing a whole lotta nothing.

But nature abhors a vacuum, so in the absence of... mehr anzeigen

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This is so good! Loved the tour guide intro, how you eased into the story line and took your reader right with you! This is a little nugget of a short story you could definitely expound on, and please do! A little more explanation, or thought process from the museum specimen would be awesome. Good job! Robynn

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