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Evan Harrington, Complete (Fiscle Part 13 Of 1)

User: silviya
Evan Harrington, Complete (Fiscle Part 13 Of 1)
Long After The Hours When Tradesmen Are In The Habit Of
Commencing Business, The Shutters Of A Certain Shop In The Town Of
Lymport-On-The-Sea Remained Significantly Closed, And It Became Known
That Death Had Taken Mr. Melchisedec Harrington, And Struck One Off The
List Of Living Tailors. The Demise Of A Respectable Member Of This Class
Does Not Ordinarily Create A Profound Sensation. He Dies, And His Equals
Debate Who Is To Be His Successor: While The Rest Of Them Who Have Come
In Contact With Him, Very Probably Hear Nothing Of His Great Launch And
Final Adieu Till The Winding Up Of Cash-Accounts; On Which Occasions We
May Augur That He Is Not Often Blessed By One Or Other Of The Two Great
Parties Who Subdivide This Universe. In The Case Of Mr. Melchisedec It
Was Otherwise. This Had Been A Grand Man, Despite His Calling, And
In The Teeth Of Opprobrious Epithets Against His Craft. To Be Both
Generally Blamed, And Generally Liked, Evinces A Peculiar Construction
Of Mortal. Mr. Melchisedec, Whom People In Private Called The Great Mel,
Had Been At Once The Sad Dog Of Lymport, And The Pride Of The Town. He
Was A Tailor, And He Kept Horses; He Was A Tailor, And He Had Gallant
Adventures; He Was A Tailor, And He Shook Hands With His Customers.
Finally, He Was A Tradesman, And He Never Was Known To Have Sent In
A Bill. Such A Personage Comes But Once In A Generation, And, When He
Goes, Men Miss The Man As Well As Their Money.

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