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The Bag Of Diamonds (fiscle part- 9)

User: silviya
The   Bag Of   Diamonds (fiscle part- 9)

"Ugh! What A Night! And I Used to Grumble About Hogley Marsh! Why,
It'S Like Living in a Drain!"

Ramillies Street, W.C., Was Certainly Not Attractive At Twelve O'Clock
On That December Night, For It Had Been Snowing in the Early Part Of The
Evening; That Snow Was Suffering from A Fall Of Blacks: And As Evil
Communications Corrupt Good Manners, The Evil Communication Of The
London Soot Was Corrupting the Good Manners Of The Heavenly Snow, Which
Had Become Smirched by The Town'S Embrace, And Was Sorrowfully Weeping
Itself Away In tears Beneath A Sky--

No, There Was Not Any Sky. For Four Days There Had Not Been A Breath Of
Air To Dissipate The Heavy Mist, And Into This Mist The Smoke Of A
Million Chimneys Had Rolled, Mingled, And Settled down In the Streets In
One Horrible Yellowish-Black Mirk.

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