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St. George And St. Michael (Fiscle Part 3) Of 1

User: silviya
St. George And St. Michael (Fiscle Part 3) Of 1
It Was The Middle Of Autumn, And Had Rained All Day. Through The
Lozenge-Panes Of The Wide Oriel Window The World Appeared In The
Slowly Gathering Dusk Not A Little Dismal. The Drops That Clung
Trickling To The Dim Glass Added Rain And Gloom To The Landscape
Beyond, Whither The Eye Passed, As If Vaguely Seeking That Help In
The Distance, Which The Dripping Hollyhocks And Sodden Sunflowers
Bordering The Little Lawn, Or The Honeysuckle Covering The Wide
Porch, From Which The Slow Rain Dropped Ceaselessly Upon The
Pebble-Paving Below, Could Not Give--Steepy Slopes, Hedge-Divided
Into Small Fields, Some Green And Dotted With Red Cattle, Others
Crowded With Shocks Of Bedraggled And Drooping Corn, Which Looked
Suffering And Patient.

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