Donal Grant (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 1

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Donal Grant (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 1
It Was A Lovely Morning In The First Of Summer. Donal Grant Was
Descending A Path On A Hillside To The Valley Below--A Sheep-Track Of
Which He Knew Every Winding As Well As Any Boy His Half-Mile To And
From School. But He Had Never Before Gone Down The Hill With The
Feeling That He Was Not About To Go Up Again. He Was On His Way To
Pastures Very New, And In The Distance Only Negatively Inviting. But
His Heart Was Too Full To Be Troubled--Nor Was His A Heart To Harbour A
Care, The Next Thing To An Evil Spirit, Though Not Quite So Bad; For
One Care May Drive Out Another, While One Devil Is Sure To Bring In

A Great Billowy Waste Of Mountains Lay Beyond Him, Amongst Which Played
The Shadow At Their Games Of Hide And Seek--Graciously Merry In The
Eyes Of The Happy Man, But Sadly Solemn In The Eyes Of Him In Whose
Heart The Dreary Thoughts Of The Past Are At A Like Game. Behind Donal
Lay A World Of Dreams Into Which He Dared Not Turn And Look, Yet From
Which He Could Scarce Avert His Eyes.

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