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A Canadian Manor And Its Seigneurs The Story Of A Hundred Years, 1761-1861

User: silviya
A Canadian Manor And Its Seigneurs        The Story Of A Hundred Years,  1761-1861

In Spite Of Many Pleasant Summers Spent At Murray Bay One Had Never
Thought Of It As Having A History. The Place And Its People Seemed
Simple, Untutored, New. Some Of The Other Summer Residents Talked
Complacently Even Of Having Discovered It. They Had Heard Of Murray Bay
As Beautiful And Had Gone To Explore This Unknown Country. When This
Bold Feat Was Performed There Was Abundant Recompense. Valley, Mountain,
River And Stream United To Make Murray Bay Delightful. The Little Summer
Community Grew. At First Visitors Lived In The Few Primitive Hotels Or
In Cottages At Pointe Au Pic, Vacated For The Time Being By Their
Owners, Who Found Temporary Lodgings Somewhere,--Not Infrequently In
Their Own Out-Buildings. The Cottages Left Something To Be Desired, And,
Gradually, The Visitors Bought Land And Built Houses For Themselves:
To-Day Dozens Of Them Dot The Western Shore Of Murray Bay. In Due Time
Appeared Tennis Courts; Then A Golf Links. Murray Bay Had Become, Alas,
Almost Fashionable.

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