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A piggy story with happy-end

the circuit of meat in nature Von:
A piggy story with happy-end
A sort of modern fable about the stupidity of corruption.

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Wichtiger Beitrag
george g asztalos

Thank you Whitewolf and Revkenr for your kind comments and appreciation. I am glad it can be understood properly as surrealistic humor or infrarealistic fable about corruption. My intention is to fill this book with short stories of this kind. I have some more and some more are on their way to fit in. It will be a awesome book for sure. Thanks again, see you around :)

Wichtiger Beitrag
Gelöschter User

Ha ha love it!!!

Gelöschter User

I understand it because its funny


I like George also have a weird sense of humor. So it did make sense to me.

Gelöschter User

Thats what I like about it
its different

Wichtiger Beitrag

Not really my cup of tea, George. If you were going to make it really short, you should have made it more interesting. Sorry.

1 Kommentar
george g asztalos

This text its not misogynistic if women think it is. Murder happens every day in the world. Sade even said its the only one source of happiness...:)
It can really support editing and styling... I can accept that, but worst book ever: come on, that's really childish:)

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