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Beverly Of Graustark (Fiscle Part-I)

User: disha
Beverly Of Graustark (Fiscle Part-I)
Far Off In The Mountain Lands, Somewhere To The East Of The Setting Sun,
Lies The Principality Of Graustark, Serene Relic Of Rare Old Feudal
Days. The Traveler Reaches The Little Domain After An Arduous, Sometimes
Perilous Journey From The Great European Capitals, Whether They Be North
Or South Or West--Never East. He Crosses Great Rivers And Wide Plains;
He Winds Through Fertile Valleys And Over Barren Plateaus; He Twists And
Turns And Climbs Among Sombre Gorges And Rugged Mountains; He Touches
The Cold Clouds In One Day And The Placid Warmth Of The Valley In The
Next. One Does Not Go To Graustark For A Pleasure Jaunt. It Is Too Far
From The Rest Of The World And The Ways Are Often Dangerous Because Of
The Strife Among The Tribes Of The Intervening Mountains. If One Hungers
For Excitement And Peril He Finds It In The Journey From The North Or
The South Into The Land Of The Graustarkians. From Vienna And Other
Places Almost Directly West The Way Is Not So Full Of Thrills, For The
Railroad Skirts The Darkest Of The Dangerlands.

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