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New Trier Von:
1. Their school focuses on student emotional and social growth along with academic growth. They demonstrate this through their focus on student involvement.
a. First, they have created a building that does not put large groups of students together but lots of smaller areas. No one feels that they are in a BIG school. It feels small.
b. In one of the main common areas, there is a large student activities director’s office with all the clubs printed on colored pages and posted all over all the windows. They have a club fair in the spring one evening and invite all the incoming freshmen. Students can sign up and then get info about that club over the summer from sponsors.
c. For club advertisement, they have a printed book with all the club info. They have club folders that have club handouts that students can take with them.
They use a lot of student leadership. They have student Council with officers and their goal is to unite the entire school. One officer is elected as their student rep for their school board meetings. This person gives the board an update on all their student activities for the month. SLACK is their presidents of all clubs and they meet monthly with the Student Activities’ director and principal. Their student senate is their class officers and student council officers. They plan their big student events

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