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The Second Deluge (Fiscle Part-X)

User: disha
The Second Deluge (Fiscle Part-X)

An Undersized, Lean, Wizen-Faced Man, With An Immense Bald Head, As
Round And Smooth And Shining As A Giant Soap-Bubble, And A Pair Of Beady
Black Eyes, Set Close Together, So That He Resembled A Gnome Of Amazing
Brain Capacity And Prodigious Power Of Concentration, Sat Bent Over A
Writing Desk With A Huge Sheet Of Cardboard Before Him, On Which He Was
Swiftly Drawing Geometrical And Trigonometrical Figures. Compasses,
T-Squares, Rulers, Protractors, And Ellipsographs Obeyed The Touch Of
His Fingers As If Inspired With Life.

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