Where to Now Smart Ass?

Where to Now Smart Ass?
“Enough! Jesus christ, you will listen to what I listen to when I want to listen to it.”
She looked slightly taken about at my sudden outburst, but quickly redeemed herself.
“You should see a doctor about that.”
“Excuse me?”
“Anger and yelling causes premature wrinkles. Do you want to be a bald old guy at 23?”
“I’m just saying, it would be a little hard if you wanted to ‘score some’ looking like my grandpa.”

roadtrip, romance, boys, hate, love, funny comedy
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For anyone who doesn't know... the author will no longer be writing any updates to her book....

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you should finish this story it is so good to read lmk please <3

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ya u rlly should


Update plzzzzzzzzzz

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Please update this book soon!!!! This book is amazing so far!!! Good Luck!!!

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