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Hi my name is Libby Duocan im 16 years old and a Jr at Riverstead Highschool. You could say that I make bad decisions well I make horrible decisions acutely and I also get in trouble because of it every time I do something, everything goes wrong and because of that my moms a drunk and my dad is always at work never around. but the stuff I do is not because I want to fit in or be cool its because I want to do it I never, ever turn down a dare I never think before I do I just do it. Well let me just get to the point because of a dare my best friend sara told me to do I got sent to jail well not for life just a holding sell until one of my parents come and get me I've been here before plenty of times but well talk about that later anyway my mom said this was the last time I ever do something bad so she's making me go live with my crazy uncle in LA with his foster kids or should I say foster teen boys and him in this beach house. UGH! I mean yay for the beach house but I don't want to start a new school with new teens and worst of all new boys. UGH NO!!?!

love, lost, boys, crazy uncle, jail, foster boys
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