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never a dole moment

real life situations while living on benefits and dealing with debt the real way. Von:
never a dole moment
Some real life situations of living on benefits for a single white male in Britain today .Luckily i escaped the benefits system but this may help you in your times of need .....

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So glad you liked it , it seems you read it right through .I feel you may have got the wrong end of the stick on certain issues thou , and yes im glad to say i am off benefits now and have been for some time and i hope i never have to return to them .....

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More of a rant. The filthy language, unsubtle caricatures and real-life "stories" are riddled with spelling mistakes and a hint of someone extremely bitter that life hasn't gone their way. "Surviving on the dole" concludes with a nasty abusive tale about a "claiment (sic) adviser" with the author dishing out most of the extremely personal abuse.

Citizens Advice, national debtline are a "waste of time" but it's ok to run up a... mehr anzeigen

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