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The Island Gardens of Takau

User: riverwood
The Island Gardens of Takau
Defying the social restrictions of 1927, Katherine, a young American doctor, crosses the Ma'rhu River in the obscure tropical country of Takau. Determined to open a clinic in the slums of Am'rha Bo, Katherine wins hearts and defies authorities. She survives an earthquake and gets tangled in a violent revolution. Her soul is awakened and she experiences the revelations of cultural immersion. As The Island Gardens of Takau disclose their secrets, she discovers allies in unlikely guises and a lover whose extravagant idealism finally exceeds her own.
Sample chapters of the novel published by RiverWood Books.

Takau, GL Kay, historical fiction
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I love the visual details that frame your words inside, very much looking forward to reading at some point! It's now in my favorites :-)

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