Through The Fray (Fiscle Part 3) A Tale Of The Luddite Riots

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Through The Fray (Fiscle Part 3) A Tale Of The Luddite Riots

It Has Just Struck One, And The Boys Are Streaming Out From The
Schoolroom Of Mr. Hathorn's Academy In The Little Town Of Marsden
In Yorkshire. Their Appearance Would Create Some Astonishment In
The Minds Of Lads Of The Present Generation, For It Was The Year
1807, And Their Attire Differed Somewhat Materially From That Now
Worn. They Were For The Most Part Dressed In Breeches Tight At
The Knee, And Buttoning Up Outside The Close Fitting Jacket Nearly
Under The Arms, So That They Seemed Almost Devoid Of Waist. At The
Present Moment They Were Bareheaded; But When They Went Beyond The
Precincts Of The School They Wore Stiff Caps, Flat And Very Large
At The Top, And With Far Projecting Peaks.

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