The Wonderland Between My Legs

The Wonderland Between My Legs
Julia, a hot teenage girl is caught in a unfortunate situation. Now she is forced to be something she isn't. In a web of relationships with guys on her tail for her body and/or love, she finds a way to find the right guy for her. Unfortunately, she has distractions along the way.

Come back everyday for a new chapter(s) to be added! Usually around five o'clock. Enjoy!

Sorry guys. I was a little busy this week. I'll be writing a lot this weekend!

Sex, Romance, Rape, Love, Highschool
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My name is Zahara. I'm looking for a good relationship with you and I have something very important to discuss with you, please contact me here, then I can tell you more about myself, for me to send you my pictures ok, reply me through my private mail box (

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Excellent! More please

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Binu. Y. Delwita

i am still new to this type but this book is great. it is a new experience. plz update the book as i am gonna take some ideas from this book to the book i am writing. the whole credit goes to u.... luv this so much....

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