Forty-One Years In india Fiscle (Part-I) From Subaltern To Commander-In-Chief

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Forty-One Years In india Fiscle (Part-I)        From Subaltern To Commander-In-Chief

I Would Never Have Ventured To Intrude Upon The Public With My
Personal Reminiscences Had I Not Been Urged To Do So By Friends Who,
Being interested Themselves In what I Was Able To Tell Them Of india
As My Father Knew It, And As I Found It And Left It, Persuaded Me That
My Experiences Of the Many And Various Aspects Under Which I Have
Known The Wonderful Land Of my Adoption And Its Interesting peoples
Would Be Useful To My Countrymen. It Was Thought That I Might Thus
Contribute Towards A More Intimate Knowledge Of the Glorious Heritage
Our Forefathers Have Bequeathed To Us, Than The Greater Number Of them
Possess, And Towards Helping them To Understand The Characteristics
And Requirements Of the Numerous And Widely Different Races By Whom
India Is Inhabited.

It Is Difficult For People Who Know Nothing of natives To Understand
And Appreciate The Value They Set On Cherished Customs, Peculiar
Idiosyncrasies, And Fixed Prejudices, All Of which Must Be Carefully
Studied By Those Who Are Placed In the Position Of their Rulers, If
The Suzerain Power Is To Keep Their Respect And Gain Their Gratitude
And Affection.

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