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My Second Year Of The War (fiscle part-I)

User: disha
My Second Year Of The War (fiscle part-I)
"I'Ve Never Kept Up My Interest So Long In anything as In this War,"
Said A Woman Who Sat Beside Me At Dinner When I Was Home From The Front
In The Winter Of 1915-16. Since Then I Have Wondered if My Reply,
"Admirable Mental Concentration!" Was Not Ironic At The Expense Of
Manners And Philosophy. In view Of The Thousands Who Were Dying in
Battle Every Day, Her Remark Seemed as Heartless As It Was Superficial
And In keeping with The Riotous Joy Of Living and Prosperity Which
Strikes Every Returned american With Its Contrast To Europe'S
Self-Denial, Emphasized by Such Details Gained by Glimpses In the Shop
Windows Of Fifth Avenue As The Exhibit Of A Pair Of Ladies' Silk Hose
Inset With Lace, Price One Hundred dollars.

Meanwhile, She Was Knitting socks Or Mufflers, I Forget Which, For The
Allies. Her Confusion About War News Was Common To The Whole Country,
Which Heard The Special Pleading of Both Sides Without Any
Cross-Questioning by An Attorney. She Remarked how The Allies' Bulletins
Said That The Allies Were Winning and The German Bulletins That The
Germans Were Winning; But So Far As She Could See On The Map The Armies
Remained in much The Same Positions And The Wholesale Killing continued.

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