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A Circle Below the Sun

A Circle Below the Sun
This story is inspired by my recent vacation in Corregidor – one of the strongholds of the Philippines and the entire Pacific during the World War II. The main characters are fictional, but the other personalities mentioned and the events are all listed in history. My fellows, if in case you find something wrong in the dates or the arrangement of events, please feel free to correct me :)

I’ll try to add more details and pics when I get the time. Please feel free to leave me any comment both on the story and on my writing. Thanks for reading :)

historical fiction, world war II
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this today - it was our day of remembrance for our armed forces. While we do not condone war, it is the young who are sent into the fray with an ideal to sustain them as they fight, and we can only hope it is truly for a noble reason they fight. Most wars are fought for territory or power or both - very few for freedom.

It is hard on children especially and it is wonderful their prayer was answered by God sending a... mehr anzeigen

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This is a heartfelt story. True, A war not only takes lives but leaves the alive one's homeless.

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