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White Out
My name is Nikkei Tar but everyone just calls me Duckie. I have a fair portrait, long brown hair that just barely reaches the middle of my back, I have deep brown eyes with a pale complexion, I’ve been to juvenile detention about 4 times, for a different reason each time. I curse like a sailor, and for me to do what I’m told I better be getting something out of it. I can understand how I would end up in a place like this all because of that karma crap, but what about Anne-May. Why is she in this position?

pain, sad, happyending, trust, teen, kidnapping
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L︀o︀o︀k ︀a︀t ︀m︀e ︀n︀o︀w︀ ︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ ︀➞ WWW.FANTAZM.ONLINE?_ebook-forever-anynomus-white-out

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i cry at the end

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L︀o︀o︀k ︀a︀t ︀m︀e ︀n︀o︀w︀ ︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ ︀➞ WWW.FANTAZM.ONLINE?forever.anonymous_1287180104.9339399338

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good work on the spelling and try not to be so choppy with the sentances i think other than that is was great

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omg this is an amazing book i love it so much so glad i joined this site

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