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User: flowerz.
For months Ruth has always wanted a normal life. However at the young age of twelve that was ripped away from her. Kidnapped and alone Ruth is forced to do stuff no child should ever have to do, witness stuff that not even adults would like to see.

Scared and running for her life Ruth is forced to trust no one, not even her own family. So when she joins a school she meets loads of friends that say they'll protect her no matter what costs, but can she really trust them?

To make matters worse, little does she know that her kidnappers are willing do do anything to get her back. No matter what costs.

vampire, murder, mystery
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Okay, I'm kinda getting the gist of what you're trying to do here, but i think you've got it a bit muddled. If I were you I'd reduce this message by about one-half or a quarter, because a lot of the things you are saying are repeats.

Try not to speak directly at the reader. Write it as if you were talking to yourself.

be careful with your spellings. You say 'your' a lot instead of 'you're'. Watch that.

I think you have to put a... mehr anzeigen

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heyy vampires18,darkwolf, ashblaze28, claudianstephy4ever,rachelm1123,zoroastra,
teamdamon99,lazybones,broo68 thanks for adding betrayed to your favourites =) hope you enjoy it =) I upload whenever I can so you won't be left waiting =) Sorry, I know you added betrayed to your favourites ages ago =s sorry.

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i havent readit yet but does she meet her vamp livemate?

1 Kommentar

she kind of does. she meets lodes of vampires, some good some evil. she even fall in love with one. so yes i could say that. read it and see ;-)

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