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The Rosary (Fiscle Part 3)

User: silviya
The Rosary (Fiscle Part 3)
The Peaceful Stillness Of An English Summer Afternoon Brooded Over
The Park And Gardens At Overdene. A Hush Of Moving Sunlight And
Lengthening Shadows Lay Upon The Lawn, And A Promise Of Refreshing
Coolness Made The Shade Of The Great Cedar Tree A Place To Be

The Old Stone House, Solid, Substantial, And Unadorned, Suggested
Unlimited Spaciousness And Comfort Within; And Was Redeemed From
Positive Ugliness Without, By The Fine Ivy, Magnolia Trees, And
Wistaria, Of Many Years' Growth, Climbing Its Plain Face, And Now
Covering It With A Mantle Of Soft Green, Large White Blooms, And A
Cascade Of Purple Blossom.

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