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Past Decoded: A Dark Past book

Running from your past never gets you to far when it merges with your future Von:
User: flicka
Past Decoded: A Dark Past book
((ALSO my book has cussing in it so if you are to younge to read it dont please cause i really dont wanna get in trouble :) Its also kinda preverted to a point be warned Thanks Ya'll))
Rel i like any other rouge werewolf in the world. But her past isent the same as most of the others. Shes been running for years from what happeded to her pack and family. Now there's Ker the Alpha of the Kersh pack. Known as the most feared and vicious of all Alpha's he shows her is control over his emotions but will some emotions prove to be two stronge? Or will they both be lost?

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Sure thing :) And ya i need to edit this one also. I'm going to be adding onto it after I correct some of the mistakes thank you. I'm going to go ahead and put up one of the chapters :) Then go through it.

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I really enjoyed the book. Although you need to go through it and check a few spelling mistakes and put in some more paragraphs.
But plz message me when you write more.

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Hey can you pls write more to his book and then message me when yooh updated it !!!! Thanks

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i'm very eager to read more and find out what happens, i would just go over your spelling and such. But really a good start to what looks to be a great book. Let me know if you add more. Thanks

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