Red Money

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Red Money
"Gypsies! How Very Delightful! I Really Must Have My Fortune Told. The
Dear Things Know All About The Future."

As Mrs. Belgrove Spoke She Peered Through Her Lorgnette To See If Anyone
At The Breakfast-Table Was Smiling. The Scrutiny Was Necessary, Since
She Was The Oldest Person Present, And There Did Not Appear To Be Any
Future For Her, Save That Very Certain One Connected With A Funeral. But
A Society Lady Of Sixty, Made Up To Look Like One Of Forty (Her Maid
Could Do No More), With An Excellent Digestion And A Constant Desire,
Like The Athenians Of Old, For "Something New!" Can Scarcely Be Expected
To Dwell Upon Such A Disagreeable Subject As Death. Nevertheless, Mrs.
Belgrove Could Not Disguise From Herself That Her Demise Could Not Be
Postponed For Many More Years, And Examined The Faces Of The Other
Guests To See If They Thought So Too. If Anyone Did, He And She Politely
Suppressed A Doubtful Look And Applauded The Suggestion Of A
Fortune-Telling Expedition.

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