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I walked around and wondered why she would want to go to an insane asylum for her birthday. I heard Tia rant and then smile as Kyle came and hugged her. I looked around before calling them over to me

"Hey guys come listen to this." I said and they walked over and motioned for me to read it.

Name: Carol Gerald.
Age: 31.
Status: unknown.

Patient was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her late teens. Gerald had slaughtered her mother and sisters in there sleep, Using a hammer. She was over powered by her older brother. Gerald was then placed in a maximum security prison and then transferred here to, Mount Hawthorn psychiatric Hospit-" I stopped when I heads a hum, I looked and only saw Tia and Taylor. They started to read and I went into a room there were bail marks in the door and red words I the wall. I bumped into something and screamed until I seen it was the towns bad boy, Grey before I could question him he was gone and I was alone standing there.

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