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Reflect On Me

Based on a true story Von:
Reflect On Me

Dedicated to a certain kind of mom. A blind one. Her daughter was getting married, and so she wanted to see it. But a new invention , Glasses. Yes, glasses. And when she put them on, she could see her daughter walk across the aisle and get married. And so that interested me and I wanted to make this book! (Information from the YouTube channel:  Inside Edition).



Ruby was a blind little girl. She was only five when she was blind. It was a rare disease called Achromatopsia. she was afraid of the dark and had been blinded by light. And now she could only see in darkness. So Ruby's mom and dad wanted to raise awareness and get the glasses they had found online.



During those times and the future, she has to deal with bullies.

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This is still in progress, any mistakes in this book will be corrected after book is done. Thanks ♡

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Any updates yet? X


Agh, not yet. I'm not on bookrix often. I'll update soon

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Same iv been looking around through wattpad but I came back to bookrix to see if the books I have read updated haha

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Good start, Faith.

You've chosen to open the book (I assume it's novel-length?) with a Prologue. Two things struck me: The first is the perspective from three different points of view. I THINK that's alright. At any rate, it reads well...but as they say, Prologues have their advantages, but also, for the novice writer (especially), dangers. Using both past and present pov is a little jarring. I wondered as I read if perhaps... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks! I try ^w^


And yes I see what your saying, I'll note that

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