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Lose Control Tonight!

Dance Forever.... Von:
Lose Control Tonight!
Genevieve loves dancing and singing. She would go out to the Dance & Sing club every night and dance and sing until her feet and throat hurt. But one night when she's coming home from the club she bumps into a someone who works for a PROFESSIONAL MUSIC PRODUCER! But as soon as things get going in her life she finds out that she has to dance and sing with her worst celebrity. HE thinks she's wonderful but he dosn't know what to say to her. At the end she finds out tha-
Sorry, I should let YOU find out! Read the book to find out what happens!

Romance, Singing, Dancing, Celebrity, TV Show
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Christiana Hinojosa

Please update this book I want to know what happens please.

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Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.
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Your book is really great, i don't unterstand why don't got more hearts it's sad. Hope you will write some more. ^^)

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