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This Side Of Paradise (Fiscle Part-3 Of 2)

User: silviya
This Side Of Paradise (Fiscle Part-3 Of 2)

The Time Is February. The Place Is A Large, Dainty Bedroom In The
Connage House On Sixty-Eighth Street, New York. A Girl's Room: Pink
Walls And Curtains And A Pink Bedspread On A Cream-Colored Bed. Pink And
Cream Are The Motifs Of The Room, But The Only Article Of Furniture In
Full View Is A Luxurious Dressing-Table With A Glass Top And A Three-
Sided Mirror. On The Walls There Is An Expensive Print Of "Cherry Ripe,"
A Few Polite Dogs By Landseer, And The "King Of The Black Isles," By
Maxfield Parrish.

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