F. F. Rockwell

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F. F. Rockwell

With some, the home vegetable garden is a hobby; with others,

especially in these days of high prices, a great help. There are many

in both classes whose experience in gardening has been restricted

within very narrow bounds, and whose present spare time for gardening

is limited. It is as "first aid" to such persons, who want to do

practical, efficient gardening, and do it with the least possible fuss

and loss of time, that this book is written. In his own experience the

author has found that garden books, while seldom lacking in

information, often do not present it in the clearest possible way. It

has been his aim to make the present volume first of all practical, and

in addition to that, though comprehensive, yet simple and concise. If

it helps to make the way of the home gardener more clear and definite,

its purpose will have been accomplished.

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