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History Of The French Revolution From 1789 To 1814

User: silviya
History Of The French Revolution From 1789 To 1814

Opening Of The States-General--Opinion Of The Court, Of The Ministry, And
Of The Various Bodies Of The Kingdom Respecting The States--Verification
Of Powers--Question Of Vote By Order Or By Poll--The Order Of The Commons
Forms Itself Into A National Assembly--The Court Causes The Hall Of The
States To Be Closed--Oath Of The Tennis-Court--The Majority Of The Order
Of The Clergy Unites Itself With The Commons--Royal Sitting Of The 23rd Of
June--Its Inutility--Project Of The Court--Events Of The 12th, 13th, And
14th Of July--Dismissal Of Necker--Insurrection Of Paris--Formation Of
The National Guard--Siege And Taking Of The Bastille--Consequences Of The
14th Of July--Decrees Of The Night Of The 4th Of August--Character Of The
Revolution Which Had Just Been Brought About.

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