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The Push and Pull of You

The Push and Pull of You
The anguish and turmoil of love wanted and unwanted. The twisting of a heart and then surrender.

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I completely understand. That is why I wrote this poem. It's about that hard-to-explain push and pull between love and heartbreak, mixed in with hate and need for someone else. It's about moments that take your breath away and choke you. I am glad you enjoy my poems. You makin' me smile, girl! Big hugs!

Wichtiger Beitrag

I love how you write you're poems..I can see how much you put your effort and emotions into them...I have nothing but relation toward your writing although I have never married....but I have had a few heartbreaks in my time and the fear to love again but the certain need for it, I hope this comment makes sence..which I'm sure it doesn't..but thank you for giving us a peice of your heart eachtime you create something like this.

Wichtiger Beitrag

i really liked it, it painted a picture in my mind. it can relate to alot of people, and i think thats why its so great.

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