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Nearness of You

Nearness of You
Have you ever had a crush on someone and you knew you were worlds apart, yet you cannot help wanting them. Wanting to know them. Hmmmm...

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You have written a beautiful, Thought provoking and true to life poem. I love it! Excellent writing!

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... you can always express in poems.
This is a beautiful little insight into a yearning for romantic fantasy.
Very sweet, with a touch of sadness - and very well composed.
- Kade.

Wichtiger Beitrag

This was a beautiful poem, it made my heart ache. This poem is so well written, nice job, very nice job :')

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Another great poem here. It is filled with want and desire, and wishful hopes that may never come true.

Very well-spoken piece.

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Wow, great and I can imagine the image in the photo. and the yearning, idealizing to the point of the nearness of you. "They play like unforgettable songs in my thoughts."

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I can never tell, it's too embarassing. That poem is full of things I am not allowed to say out loud. :oP

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I am just curious as to who it was that seemed to elicit such intensity in your heart and by extension your words. It takes me back to another time and place.

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Gelöschter User

I like the way you write your poems. Thanx for letting me read them. :)

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