Meagan Brewer

Looking for Mr. Right Von:
Meagan Brewer
Meagan Brewer puts her heart into her journal as she searches and hopes to find one man that wants what she wants, love. The twists and turns of this twenty-six year old woman’s dating life sends her to her Go-to-Guy and best friend Charlie on a regular basis as she tries to make sense of life, herself, and the men she meets while looking for Mr. Right. What if the one man she may be falling for would ruin everything?

*Entered into the 30-Day Diary Contest of 2011

(Revised 11/06/11. This my first completed novel at a little over 11,000 words.)

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But this book is holding my interest.

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I really liked the book. It was really good!! Also the way you wrote it is not in the way people would expect so that was a surprise. Which was really good! But over all good job!!!:D

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