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The Book

The Book
How times change! An old man consorting with children unsupervised? But times were different then, how lucky we were to have a friend like Axle.

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Thank you for reading my book, taking the time, and thank you for your nice comments. My childhood was spent during the war. I already have a part of it in my book posted here called 'War Torn and Peace, be Praised. It isn't all of it of course, but will give you a rough idea. Thanks again, Evelyn/Bluedragon

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I loved this story. Reminds me of tales my grandmother used to tell me about her childhood. I would love to hear more stories about YOUR childhood,too. Really great, Evelyn.

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It is so nice to have people actually read your work, let alobne give it a good review as you have done. I am si pleased you like it, thanks for saving it to your favourites, Evelyn.Bluedragon

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You do it again, Evelyn. A few words but a lot said, the Book must have been a wonderful man, all that knowledge. Just wanting to spread the good deeds around, these days with the internet it seems to have gone completely the other way.

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