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The world changes al over but few of us see what another's life can be like. Here I have tried to rememdy that situation. Think a little further than you would normally read.

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thanks for reading rhis piece. I think I have said it below, that I use info gathered from t.v. magazines, books etc, and pull it all together to make a story. Glad you enjoyed it. Evelyn/Bluedragon

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Review - I think Valerie pretty much summed up this piece. I would only add it has a very realistic feel to it that only proves you have imagination to have garnered all that information from TV. Always enjoy reading your work. Great job. Robynn

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a) for reading this piece and b) for such wonderful comments. No, I have not been that far away. To Canada and parts of Europe, yes, but not Australia.
The simple answer is, I watch, or used to watch when I was allowed (no, my daughter has less interest in thes things and as it is her t.v. and she has to have a chocie as we live together) thes programmes. I pick up all this information from t.v. and jazz it together in ways... mehr anzeigen

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Evelyn, you truly amaze me. How can you know of these things? Have you traveled afar and seen for yourself, or is this just research and imagination? You really are not only a prolific writer, but one who stretches herself each time. This was fascinating reading and, as always, topnotch.

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