You Can't Sit With Us

Novel #1 from the "You Can't Sit With Us" series Von:
You Can't Sit With Us
A tiny section from the book:

" If you lived in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, or even the So Cal area, anyone you would ever go up to would know the KY-BLU if you asked. They could name all their names, details about them and etcetera. It was heard that these five girls were more popular than Justin Bieber in Southern Cali and even in New York.

When Peyton Hawthorne, Riley Lockwood, Piper Harrington, Tristina Rutherford, and Phoebe Esposito walked in the glass revolving doors, everyone stopped in their tracks to see Cali’s fabulous five. Also known as KY-BLU.

It seemed like some kind of Mean Girls movie as peoples’ jaw dropped with every flip of their hair. And how they would walk into a pole for every step KY-BLU took. It’s an incredible sight and nothing, and absolutely nothing could ruin this bond. "
Though you may think, girls like these? Like the clique? So cliche and mean. But quite on the contrary. Read this first book of the "You Can't Sit With Us" series as you journey through these girls' lives, interacting with other characters and as they overcome fears, struggles, and obstacles not quite common to regular people like us.

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