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Thinking Anew

Harnessing the Power of Belief Von:
Thinking Anew
Thinking Anew has been called a composition book, a black book, a work book, a sketchbook, a scrapbook, and a powerful self-improvement book. New beginnings, like all start-ups, are ugly...even when the power of writing as a change agent has been known for thousands of years. Being creative is always a challenge. While book stores debate about slotting Thinking Anew in their inspirational or spirituality or self-help or creative writing or journaling (it s not) or addiction/recovery sections, mental health professionals would categorized it as written goal focused therapy to create and fulfill aspirations. Thinking Anew is a book within a composition book that helps people in crisis find the passion to make change stick. If you have ever gotten enthusiastic about a self help approach but became disappointed as your enthusiasm waned, then this book is for you. Writing is a powerful change agent when combined with an evidence based self-improvement methodology or verbal therapy. If done daily, this approach will allow you to stay connected with your aspirations in a most profound way. It will even turbo-charge other self help programs and therapies. It is the perfect place to keep notes and scribble your ideas. The author, Gene Moynihan, is a psychotherapist. He had the contract with the New York City Police Department for ten years helping cops deal with suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, depression and marital discord. He has helped many people become what they are meant to be. Writing can be an antibiotic for distorted thinking. It clears the mind, provides access to your subconscious and sooths the soul. So purchase your Thinking Anew composition book, pick up your sharpen No. 2 yellow pencil and start putting your black marks above a blue line on white paper and be wide open to learning new ways of doings things. You can change your life. You are not doomed. You are not alone in this. You were born to be creative. You can create a masterpiece about yourself, one page at a time. Make this a real page turner...Pulitzer Prize potential about your success going forward. The best is yet to come. Caution, some assembly required. You will have to work at this but the outcome will be awesome.

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