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The Angel of Thought

And Other Poems Impressions from Old Masters Von:
User: user12
The Angel of Thought
n The Worst Witch Ethel is turned into a pig by Mildred Hubble after persistently taunting her about her tabby cat's inability to fly properly on a broomstick. In revenge, Ethel jinxes the spare broom she lends Mildred which causes Mildred to accidentally ruin a broomstick performance in front of Chief Wizard Egbert Hellibore. In The Worst Witch Strikes Again she locks Mildred and Enid in an abandoned store cupboard and turns Mildred into a frog in A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch to get even with Mildred for calling Ethel's younger sister a "weed". In The Worst Witch All at Sea she releases a boat containing Tabby and an unconscious Miss Hardbroom out to sea and nearly causing the disappearance and/or the deaths of Tabby and Miss Hardbroom. In The Worst Witch Saves the Day she shears all of Mildred's hair off and gives her a hair regrowth potion that causes Mildred's hair to grow out-of-control and she also hides Tabby on the roof. Ethel's most antagonistic role was in The Worst Witch to the Rescue where she turns Mildred's clay pot into five rattlesnakes and also steals Mildred's project, claiming it as her own.

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