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How to Stand for Your Marriage

Giving Hope to a broken Generation Von:
User: essjee
How to Stand for Your Marriage
Do you have marital problems? Has your spouse left you? Where do you turn? Who will help you? What do you do? Everyone seems to offer advice and many ,even some pastors, will encourage and accept divorce. So many people go through divorce or marriage separation in our society today. In many marriages things just seem hopeless with nowhere to run for help. Marriages have become disposable and if your marriage has developed into a non working part of your life, you will simply cut your losses and find a newer model. This results in so many people walking among us who are carrying guilt, shame and brokenness - just some of the effects of divorce. Divorce is not only the killer of marriages, but the killer of families and the destroyer of our society. Know that there is hope for you and your marriage and there is help available. If you only take one thing from this book, let it be to stick it out in your marriage, and to never give in or over. Marriage fulfills the Ministry of Reconciliation. So make a difference and STAND for your marriage. “I think in today’s day and age of increasing levels of divorce, it is wise for married couples to think carefully before ending their marriage. Much of what this book says has merit and it is impressive that people are able to stand for their marriage.” Reach Editor’s comment

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How to Stand for Your Marriage
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