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My Grey Blog

Work in progress Von:
User: foxxfire
My Grey Blog
Sixteen year old Sierra is a blog-a-holic. She blogs about her life every chance she gets. She lives with her mother and two brothers. Her father died when she was a little girl. She never got over seeing her dad in that coffin. When her Grandpa died she couldn’t go to the funeral. Now, her Grams’ health is getting worse so her mom decides to move the family to Pennsylvania to be close to her Gram.

When her Gram gets hurt and has to recuperate in a nursing home, Sierra agrees to take care of her Grandma’s pet bird, Cricket. Cricket is a Congo African Grey parrot. Sierra doesn’t know much about taking care of birds. But, she learns fast and soon has a long-lasting relationship with Cricket. Cricket becomes Sierra’s best friend and helps Sierra get through the worst year of her life.

teen, loss, grandma, moved, bird, school
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