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The Voice of Hope

Keep Hope Alive ! Von:
The Voice of  Hope

''Within every soul,there is a  story to  tell .some make sense ,some do not ....but this is not just anotherstory .This is a testimony .''


That was the opening statement by Evangelsit Steve Omodecx the first time he read the Book The Voice of Hope .


  A  real life experince of a young man who knows exactly what it means to have hope . THE VOICE OF HOPE is a testimony , a real life experince , a story of a  young man who decided to hold on Gods hope and not give up regardless of the circumstances,

The voice of Hope is my story . . . the defining moments that have truly brought me to my knees, the times when I’ve questioned to my core my very existence, and the experiences I’ve had that have shown me who I really am and who my Heavenly Father still needs me to become. The two consecutive years of my parents' death were my darkest hour, but also the very moment when I saw firsthand that my Heavenly Father sent Angels on errands for me. He carried me. It was the hour when all my fears and all the pain of this world collided together and He was there . . . putting back together all the pieces, one step at a time


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