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The Lion of Eomar

The Lion of Eomar
Breaking into the food warehouse did not go as planed. As events start to spiral out of control, three people begin a journey towards a form of self enlightenment. But which one is the lion? Which one is the good person?

Eomar is the first city built in Thera, and has gone through many changes since the day of desolation, it is likely Eomar as seen here will be the last rendition, but that is for fate to decide.

Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag
Eric K. Hasler

Hello all,
I have decided to re-add the first few chapters of my epic story The Lion of Eomar.
It was available to read quite a few months ago, but I took it down with the intention of completely scraping it. I have had a change of heart, and as a result I have added a fifth chapter.
If any of you are interested in reading this, then I recommend reading all the way through to the fifth chapter as I am told that it is my best... mehr anzeigen

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