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Star Wars: Infinite Darkness

IV: The Gathering Von:
Star Wars: Infinite Darkness

One million years A.B.Y. The Jedi have increased their numbers while the Sith continue to hide in the shadows. Revenge is coming, one that will destroy the entire galaxy in it's wake!


Included is a sample chapter of a new series. Star Wars: A New Age!



Star Wars comes to our galaxy!


The galaxy's most evil race, the Sith have explored beyond their galaxy and into the Milky Way. The Jedi have followed to destroy them and help an unknown inhabited planet called Earth.




Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Infinite Darkness"
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Star Wars: Infinite Darkness
IV: The Gathering
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Love it

2 Kommentare

WOMT couldn't get past chapter 3...

Eric Johnson

I'm sorry you feel that way but thx for taking the time to read some of it. If you have any published works I would like to read it.

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