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Zoonomia, Vol. Ii Or, The Laws Of Organic Life

User: silviya
Zoonomia, Vol. Ii Or, The Laws Of Organic Life
The Purport Of The Following Pages Is An Endeavour To Reduce The Facts
Belonging To Animal Life Into Classes, Orders, Genera, And Species; And, By
Comparing Them With Each Other, To Unravel The Theory Of Diseases. It
Happened, Perhaps Unfortunately For The Inquirers Into The Knowledge Of
Diseases, That Other Sciences Had Received Improvement Previous To Their
Own; Whence, Instead Of Comparing The Properties Belonging To Animated
Nature With Each Other, They, Idly Ingenious, Busied Themselves In
Attempting To Explain The Laws Of Life By Those Of Mechanism And Chemistry;
They Considered The Body As An Hydraulic Machine, And The Fluids As Passing
Through A Series Of Chemical Changes, Forgetting That Animation Was Its
Essential Characteristic.

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