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Zoonomia, Vol. 2 Of 2 Or, The Laws Of Organic Life

User: silviya
Zoonomia, Vol. 2 Of 2 Or, The Laws Of Organic Life
1. _Sleep From Satiety Of Hunger. From Rocking Children. From Uniform
Sounds._ 2. _Intoxication From Common Food After Fatigue And
Inanition._ 3. _From Wine Or Of Opium. Chilness After Meals. Vertigo.
Why Pleasure Is Produced By Intoxication, And By Swinging And Rocking
Children. And Why Pain Is Relieved By It._ 4. _Why Drunkards Stagger
And Stammer, And Are Liable To Weep._ 5. _And Become Delirious, Sleepy,
And Stupid._ 6. _Or Make Pale Urine And Vomit._ 7. _Objects Are Seen
Double._ 8. _Attention Of The Mind Diminishes Drunkenness._ 9.
_Disordered Irritative Motions Of All The Senses._ 10. _Diseases From
Drunkenness._ 11. _Definition Of Drunkenness._

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